About KLKD

Kinlum Kindee
A Taste of Northern Thailand

Welcome to Kinlum Kindee, (it's pronounced Ghin Lum Ghin Dee!) and roughly translates to to Eat Delicious and Eat Well. I think eating well means living well and this is the motto I live by and think everyone should too! 

Using local ingredients from sustainable producers, fresh organic herbs and vegetables from the local farms, Kinlum Kindee's mission is to share the tastes of the original of Northern Thai or Lanna cuisine with the world. 

A Recipe From My Mother 

My family has been making Northern thai food and selling it at the local Chiangmai market for over 25 years - since before l was born. I've grown up watching them share this incredible food with the people in our neighborhood and now I want to spread the same experience with you

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